Strong Survive Proudly Presents

AXE Is Family Tour

at The Roxy Theatre

Time: 6:00pm     Day: Saturday     Ages: All Ages / Bar with ID     Price: $15

From the darkest depths of Hip-hop’s most controversial sub-genre, a tremor can be felt. The horror has been born. Once shrouded in secrecy, the most subversive movement in the underground can no longer be contained. That movement is the maniac collective known only as the Alla Xul Elu (A.X.E.).

Alla Xul Elu is comprised of Billy Obey, Joey Black, and Lee Carver. The group of Ohio natives combine to create a shocking, morbid trip through the world of hip-hop and horror. Their vicious lyricism and brutal delivery is compounded by their enigmatic appearance and presence. Their mask, dubbed the “Forever Face”, has become one of the most iconic symbols for those in the underground hip-hop community. The Forever Face’s rotting, menacing smirk has become a banner of wicked valor for the rabidly devoted fan base A.X.E. have amassed known as “the Xuligans”. This new breed of underground hip-hop supporters show their loyalty to the group through art, tattoos, merchandise, and a feverish love for all things XUL.

Alla Xul Elu have an extensive history in rap and metal. All members have been active in music and its production since the early-2000’s. The group have set their sights on the future and are aggressively creating and recording everyday. Their discography begins with the underground classic “Head of Horns”. It contains such Xuligan favorites such as “Crawling”, “Sold My Soul” and “Letters from Hell”. The albums ominous and dark tone served as a warning shot of the horrors to come. The next project to come from the group has been described as a “milestone in horror music and rap music”. That album is “Sci-Co Volume 1”. The release of the album saw two of the groups most prominent and revered tracks come to life. “The Suffering” and it’s accompanying video were released online to critical acclaim and praise of most underground music sites and outlets. After “The Suffering” and it’s morbid imagery caught the attention of hip-hop and horror fans alike, the group released another follow-up video. “The Trunk”, an anthemic and infectious track, is arguably the groups most popular and well received song. Both videos were viewed and shared vigorously online, furthering the gospel of the group. Next up was the smoke-filled horror tale known as “Necronomichron”. This album took the Xuligans through a smoke-filled rap nightmare. It’s story-telling and atmosphere have captured all who dare to listen to it.

On the horizon, the A.X.E. have multiple projects looming. A sequel to “Head of Horns” titled “Heart of Darkness”. A follow up volume in the Sci-Co series of albums and the first album to feature all active members entitled “The Almighty”.

As the group prepares to drop a gauntlet of material and spread their dark message even further across the landscape of music, the Xuligans and initiates clamor for the Alla Xul Elu to come to their town. Their stage show, a black mass paying homage to all things wicked and ghoulish, is a sight to behold. The collective are prepared to play wherever they are summoned. Who is brave enough to witness the nightmare the Xul are prepared to unleash livE on stage?